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You can roam around the city and see the historical buildings that hold years of the history of Long Island. But with so much to do and see, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go and what to see. Luckily there are many walking tours on Long Island. Traveling by foot gives you the opportunity to take your time visiting historic buildings and beautiful gardens.

Long Island Walking Tours

If you are looking for a tour of Brooklyn or Queens, there are a variety of choices. You may want to take a walking tour of Brooklyn. One of the historical areas to see is the Park Slope area. On one of these walking tours you can learn about Brooklyn’s role in the Revolutionary and Civil wars. See many of the historic buildings and find out where the best restaurants, shopping and bars are located.

Many companies offer custom walking tours by the hour and can create a tour customized to the sites you want to see. These companies have fun, knowledgeable guides that know the area inside and out and can really give you an in depth look into the area.

Some of the sites to see on a walking tour of Long Island include

Of course one of the main attractions to see is the first bridge that allowed people to walk from continental New York to Brooklyn – the Brooklyn Bridge. To get an amazing view of New York City take a 6,016 foot walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Long Island Walking Tours

If you love to walk through gardens, then the Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park is a must see walking tour of Long Island. It is located in the town of Oyster bay. Covering over 400 acres, the arboretum includes over 500 varieties of shrubs and trees. There are over 1000 varieties of azalea and rhododendron, over 650 types of roses and 300 camellia plants. There are 200 acres of woodland containing miles of twisting walking trails that will give you plenty to see and enjoy in this natural setting.

Another beautiful outdoor setting to see is Prospect Park. This 585 public park in Brooklyn was designed by the same designers of Central Park. It includes Long Meadow which at 90 acres is the largest meadow in any US Park. The park also contains the Prospect Park Zoo, a 12 acre zoo representing over 130 species. Prospect Park also contains a large nature conservancy and Brooklyn’s only lake.

When visiting Long Island, look into leaving time in your schedule to add a walking tour to your trip. You can do some research and plan your own walking tour or find a knowledgeable tour guide to get an in depth tour by a native that knows the area like the back of his hand. Whatever choice you make, enjoy your stay on Long Island.

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