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Enjoy the finest beer that Long Island Breweries have to Offer

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If you're a beer lover then a Long Island brewery tour is something you just can't miss. Enjoy your day traveling to some of the best breweries on Long Island and sample the wide variety of beers that are available.

Long Island Brewery Tours

Discuss the details of beer brewing with the brew masters as you leisurely sample premium beer and discover what it takes to brew a really great beer. You can take brewery tours that will educate you on the entire process the brew master goes through to create a fantastic beer.

Many of the tour companies offer to pick your party up from your location by bus or limo at the start of your tour. From there you can choose a pre-planned package or create your own custom brewery tour.

You can also get great food at Most of the breweries also offer great food, so you can enjoy lunch or dinner (or both) along your way. Most of the breweries also offer nightly entertainment including great live jazz, rock, folk and county music.

Two of the breweries you will want to visit are The Brooklyn Brewery and the Blue Point Brewery. They are both staples of the Long Island area. There are many other small craft breweries including the Blind Bat Brewery, Fire Island Beer Company, and Greenport Harbor Brewing Company.

Long Island Brewery Tours

There are also many smaller brewpubs that are worth exploring. When scheduling a brewery tour, ask the tour company what recommendations that they have depending on what your preferences area. Do you prefer the larger brewery tours? Maybe you are more into the small quaint brewpubs with the local bands playing, or the quieter pubs where you can enjoy friendly conversation over a great tasting locally brewed beer.

Whatever your taste in beer, there is a brewery tour that is perfect for you on Long Island. Come and sample some of the award winning beers that the area has to offer.

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