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Long Island Museum Tours

Long Island Museum Tours Long Island is home to many great museums, including historical sites, museums of science, art collections, museums of natural history, preserves, heritage museums, and even museums dedicated to whaling and the railroad. With all of these great places full of art and history there is a lot that can be learned on Long Island, but simply looking at paintings and relics does not reveal the whole story behind them.

Fortunately, museums often offer tours that will provide patrons with a great deal of information about each exhibit, explaining where all the pieces came from and why they are significant. Tours can take on different forms, including guided tours and audio tours.

In a guided tour, a member of the museum will walk visitors through the exhibits and speak about each collection as the group comes to it; some guides will even field questions for a more interactive experience. Audio tours work in a similar fashion, but the tour information is prerecorded onto a listening device which the patrons can either carry with them as they walk through the museum or plug into as they come upon each new exhibit.

Either method is sure to teach you more than you would have learned from going through the museum unaccompanied, and could provide a greater appreciation for many of the pieces you see. So what are you waiting for? Plan a tour today and you are sure to learn something new when you go to the museum!

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